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25 Apr 2009

# Written by a Django expert

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is ideal for websites just starting out. Plans usually start as low as $5-20/mo and web hosts will manage the servers for you. For shared hosting, I recommend WebFaction.

A Small Orange

A Small Orange is a friendly web host that does not officially support Django, but applications can be installed using Apache + FastCGI. They have a tiny plan that starts at $25/year for 75MB of storage and 3GB/mo of bandwidth.


Dreamhost offers unlimited storage and bandwidth for a low price of $9.95/mo if you pre-pay for one year in advance. Their servers work fine for small Django/Pinax projects, but I wouldn't use them for any large projects. Use the coupon PINAX50 when checking out to get $50 off when pre-paying for one or more years. Django can be installed via Apache + FastCGI.

Joyent Connector

Joyent's connector is a suite of applications which includes a shared hosting plan. Their plan starts at $15/mo for 5GB of storage and 15GB/mo of bandwidth with a one time setup fee of $25. Django can be run using a persistent lighttpd server.

Media Temple

MediaTemple calls their service the "Grid Service", which powers you sites using multiple servers instead of just one. MediaTemple is the "official Django host". Plans start at $20/mo or $200/year for 100GB storage and 1TB/mo of bandwidth.


RailsPlayground officially supports Django sites for plans starting at $9/mo which includes 7GB storage and 200GB/mo of bandwidth. They also offers free hosted Subversion and Trac with their shared hosting plans.

WebFaction (recommended)

WebFaction is likely the most popular Django hosting company. They were one of the first providers to officially support Django. I personally use WebFaction for all my hosting needs. Applications can be installed using their custom control panel (Django sites can be setup in less than 2 minutes). WebFaction plans start at $8.50/mo if paid yearly for 4GB of disk space and 600GB/mo of bandwidth. Memory limits range from 80MB to 200MB. You can reduce prices down to $5.50/mo, but you'll have to pay significantly in advance.

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25 Apr 2009

# Written by a Django expert

VPS Hosting

Once your site becomes popular and it requires more memory to run, you'll want to upgrade to a Virtual Private Server. VPSes offers you complete control of your server but at the cost that you'll have to manage it yourself. For VPS, I recommend Slicehost.

Joyent Accelerators

Joyent Accelerators are VPSes that run on the Solaris operating system. Joyent is the "official Ruby on Rails" host, but their VPSes can also be used to run Django/Pinax. Accelerators are advertised to be very scalable with scalable storage and quick/easy upgrades. Plans start at $45/mo for a 256MB slice.


Linode has four data centers in the US. Their cheapest plan comes with a good amount of memory - 360MB of RAM for only $19.95/mo.

Media Temple

MediaTemple's dedicated virtual plans start at $50/mo for 256MB of RAM, 20GB storage, and 1TB bandwidth. MediaTemple is the "official Django host", as backed up by the creators of Django.


Rimuhosting offers VPSes in several different operating systems. They've got a large and enthusiastic customer base. Plans start at $19.95/mo but a decent 256MB VPS will cost $29.95/mo.

Slicehost (recommended)

For my VPS needs, I tend to use Slicehost. Plans are cheap, starting at $20/mo for 256MB of RAM. They have a vibrant community (although mostly Ruby on Rails developers) and great support.


VPSLink offers cheap VPSes starting at $7.95/mo for 64MB of RAM. However, if you want a decent 256MB of RAM their plans start at $24.95/mo.

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25 Apr 2009

# Written by a Django expert

Dedicated Hosting

If your site needs a lot of resources, you may want to go with dedicated hosting so you won't have to share your server with anyone else. Dedicated hosting comes in two flavors, managed and self-managed. Managed hosting is more expensive, but professionals will handle your server upgrades/tune-ups for you.


Bitpusher offers managed dedicated hosting. They host complicated web applications like Wufoo and DropSend. They can work with developers to plan out your hosting needs. has some of the lowest prices for dedicated servers, starting at $60/mo for a Celeron powered server. You can get more powerful un-managed ones for up to $500/mo.

Layered Technologies

LayeredTech offers un-managed dedicated hosting starting at $129/mo for AMD powered appliances.


Rackspace is famous for their fanatical customer support. Their solutions are managed dedicated hosting.


I've used WebFaction many times for their shared hosting, but they also offer managed dedicated hosting. These plans do not give you root access, but WebFaction takes care of the management for you so you shouldn't need to.

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